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 Aluminium Skylight

When it comes to benefits of a skylight, the physiological impact of increased levels of natural daylight into your property can have immediate results. Of course, when your home is flooded with natural daylight thanks to your rooflight, you become less reliant on artificial lighting. This helps you use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint, which will also go a long way to reducing your energy bills too. 


Rooflights are incredibly popular choices for homeowners as they are a simple way to bring in natural light, defined zones, and bright and welcoming spaces into your home. These skylights open up the house while maintaining privacy, a feature that can be tricky with pitched rooflight installations.

Our Services

Flat Skyflight

Skylights look beautiful in a room and are almost like a picture. Our flat glass roof lights bring the outside inside, as you can see the sky like a moving picture from various standard roofs.


They can be placed to offer dramatic lighting in a room if you want to add a unique character to a space. The same way you would dress a room with mirrors or paintings, skylights have the same effect.


Electric Skylight

Our opening Aero rooflight range provides a wealth of design opportunities for architects and developers, whether it’s for ventilation only into interiors or to provide direct access to rooftops. However, the bigger decision most people must make regarding an opening rooflight is whether they want it to open electronically or if they are happy to open and close it manually.


Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns, also known as skylights, are a popular, trendy and visually-appealing feature: the perfect addition to any home. The contemporary lantern-style roof lights boast a cutting-edge design and offer a variety of benefits throughout the year.

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